Automatický servisní systém


ASSYS, or Automatic ServiceSYStem.  It is software developed for advanced service management of industrial technologies using QR codes assigned to technologies. Mobile apps allow data management to run directly, and web applications make it easier to control and evaluate data.

QR codes ASSYS

Each registered technology in ASSYS is automatically assigned to a QR code that is assigned to the technology. By using the sticker, the QR code of the technology is stamped in an accessible location. The QR code sticker is used by a user to retrieve data using a mobile application.

ASSYS mobile application

It is designed to interface with the central ASSYS database after scanning the QR code for the technology and offers the user basic information on the subject technology such as:

  • The validity of the electrical revision
  • The validity of the airspace revision
  • The validity of the revision of gas facilities
  • Revision of explosion protection elements
  • The validity of filter revision
  • Periodic service checks
  • Possibility to see technical information from the application
  • Setting the variable notification frequency, you can customize it

The system automatically notifies the user about approaching end of the validity of each document, both in the form of a notification in the ASSYS system itself and through notifications to e-mail.

In addition to basic technical information and document validity, mobile applications offer the option of “call service” or “send an e-mail to service”. This type of communication between the user and the contractor is nowadays very frequent. Because of the migration of workers among companies – the contacts do not go with people. ASSYS contacts are always assigned to a particular company and user. When a maintenance worker retires and replaces another worker, he is assigned new access to ASSYS. This will give the new worker a complete database of contacts, technical information about technology, and rapid orientation in the technologies using QR codes.

Variability of ASSYS

ASSYS (Automatic Service System) is designed universally so that it can cover the whole portfolio of operating technologies.

* Administration of electrical revisions

The ASSYS allows you to manage the electrical inspection and automatically check the validity of revisions. Each electro revision has it’s own card, specifying the type of electrical equipment, the name of the switchgear, revision numbers, contact with the inspection technician, the validity of the electrical inspection and the electro-review scanned file. Each registered electrical revision is assigned with a QR code that is attached to the switchboard or electrical device. System-defined timelines for notifications allow you to alert a specific person to the upcoming revisions. The system allows you to contact the appropriate technician at the end of the revision, asking for a price offer- the option of the user.

After scanning the QR code on the switchboard, the mobile application loads the data from the database, and the user can check the validity of the electrical inspection directly at the particular switchboard, or can look directly into the stored electrical inspections or send it as an attachment by mail.

The ASSYS system is equipped with filtering in stored electrical revisions, according to the date of the revisions, according to the relevant inspection technique and many other filter options.

* Management of technological equipment             

ASSYS is designed to manage technology devices and automatically check the validity of mandatory checks. Each registered technology facility has its own dedicated card, specifying the technology supplier, the necessary technical parameters of the technology, the serial number. Each registered device is assigned the appropriate QR code that is attached to the device to allow access to data directly from the technology using the ASSYS mobile application.

In the ASSYS system, individual technologies are clearly categorized into technological groups according to registered technologies

System-defined timelines for notifications let you notify a specific user’s person to the approaching end of the validity of individual controls, such as the validity of the electrical inspection, the validity of the revision of the pressure vessels, the validity of the revision of the explosion protection elements, the validity of the filter review and the like. The system also allows asking the service technician for a price offer at the end of the revision.

After scanning the QR code on the technology, the mobile application loads the data from the database and the user can check the validity of the checks directly on the technology, or may look directly into the order card to preview the stored technical information, send it as an attachment by mail.

If a maintenance worker needs to contact a service and report a fault on the device, take the QR code for the faulty technology, and ASSYS will directly offer specific phone contacts to registered service technicians. Alternatively, the user can report a failure by sending a mail message directly to a specific ASSYS-based service centre for the technology. The system then encloses the order card as an attachment of the notice so that the supplier has clear information as to which technology the reported failure relates to.

The ASSYS is set for each client individualy

For technical information, product presentation or price offer contact:

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