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Bag filters for automatic grinding machines

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In our catalog we have included filter units that are by design directly made for filtering of non-explosive grinding machine dust. Our catalog includes 16 basic baghouse units graded according to the required volumetric airflow.

Parameters of dust resulted from automated machine grinding

Automatic grinding machines are working with high efficiency and speed. The extracted dust is marginally different to the dust resulted from manual grinding. Due to the high speeds of the grinding process, the resulted dust is formed by coarse material particles and also the abrasive material of the grinding wheels. At the same time the extraction of the very fine flue-like dust occurs. This dust resulted from the high temperature during the grinding process. Very fine dust causes a high load on the bag filter, which must ensure its continuous operation without significant pressure drops which would have an effect on the extraction efficiency.

Dedusting of automatic grinding machines

Grinding machines are already equipped with suction hoods from the manufacturer. Manufacturers often recommend the minimum required extraction speed in the suction nozzle. Frequently the required suction speeds are around 30 m / s. When designing pipeline routes, it is advisable to extend the suction line along the suction extension so that the resulting suction line speed is 20-22 m / s.  At the same time, it is not advisable to choose the naturally shortest way of the ducting line into the baghouse, as with the dust a large number of sparks are sucked into the ducting line, which can cause a fire in the baghouse. When the sparks come into contact with the ducting, they lose a part of their heat energy and can go out easily, especially in ducting elbows. It is very appropriate to include a minimal of 3 to 5 90°, 1,5D radius elbows in the ducting to protect the baghouse from a possible burning.

Baghouse parameters

Baghouse units in the GIDLY catalog are fabric filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of bags by a reverse pulse jet technology. From our experience with individual grinding dust extraction applications, the lifetime of the filter media lasts for more than 20,000 hours without the need of any manual refinement. The filter media are flat smooth fabric sleeves made of non-woven fabric with an antistatic coating and an area mass of 600 grams per square meter. The filter medium does not contain folds where the dust be sedimented and is very mechanically resistant to tearing or scraping. The amount of residual dust particles ranges from 0,25 mg/m3 to 1 mg/m3, which allows for cleaned air to be recirculated back into the plant for heating and to save on heating costs. The bag filters are equipped with an integrated pre-separator for rougher particles and sparks so that these particles are knocked down right into the hopper and they dont come into contact with the filter bags.

Recommended ducting solution

We recommend to use ducting made of combination of Group II straight pipes and Group III for other parts (elbows and branches). The use of flanged joints is neccesary. Please note that this type of extracted dust is abrasive and is subject to a high amount of wear. Some parts may eventually need to be replaced or refurbished. The increase of steel thickness on these components can only extend the lifetime but wont stop the abrasion.

Baghouse units for automatic grinder machine dust extraction in the GIDLY catalog

To find a specific assembly of the baghouse and fan, please go to the catalog and price list page. Select Baghouse units. From the list select „Automatic grinding machines dust extraction“. In the next step, select the required volumetric airflow of the bag filter unit. The result will be a set of items – baghouse unit+ fan +  silencer box, all of which form a dedusting system. You can then insert the items into the costing.


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