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Bag filters for lime and cement dust extraction

Odprášení cementového a vápenného prachu

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The GIDLY catalog includes baghouse filter units designed for use in aplications of lime and cement dust extraction.Our catalog includes 18 basic baghouse units for lime and cement dust graded according to the required volumetric airflow.

Parameters of lime and cement dust

The lime and cement dusts are specific by their hygroscopicity. The dust exhausted in the filtering device is very fine and tends to clog the pores in the bag medium and thus increase the pressure drop of the baghouse. The lime and cement dust is fine, abrasive and sticky.

Extraction of lime and cement dust

Central exhaust systems are often used to extract the production lines of lime and cement itself, as well as various mortar mixtures. In the production lines, individual sources of dust are extracted, such as mills, mixers, weighing stations and packing lines.  The baghouse is specific by a heat insulated housing with electricaly heated hopper.

Parameters of baghouse units

Baghouse units in the GIDLY catalog are fabric filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of bags by a reverse pulse jet technology. From our experience of individual extraction applications, the lifetime of the filter media lasts for more than 20,000 hours without the need of any manual refinement. The filter media are flat smooth fabric sleeves made of non-woven fabric with an antistatic coating and an area mass of 600 grams per square meter. The filter medium does not contain folds where the dust be sedimented and is very mechanically resistant to tearing or scraping. The amount of residual dust particles ranges from 0,25 mg/m3 to 1 mg/m3, which allows for cleaned air to be recirculated back into the plant for heating and save costs.  When returning the filtered air, it is necessary to place a residual dust sensor in the exhaust pipe so that the purity of the filtered air can be continuously monitored. If the set dust limit should be exceeded, the system must shut down immediately or switch the exhaust to the outdoor environment without delay. The filtering device must be positioned so that the explosion vents are directed into a safe space.

Recommended ducting solution

We recommend using Group III Ducting for ceramic dust extraction – a thick-walled, welded ducting. Pipeline components such as elbows, flaps, and branches are subject to abrasion from the dust particles. Despite the thick walls of these components, it can not be ruled out that after a certain period of time they will be damaged by abrasion.

Baghouse units for lime and cement dust extraction in the GIDLY catalog

To find a specific assembly of the baghouse and fan, please go to the catalog and price list page. Select Baghouse units. From the list select „Lime and cement dust“. In the next step, select the required volumetric airflow of the bag filter unit. The result will be a set of items – baghouse unit+ explosion dust design parameters + fan +  silencer box, all of which form a dedusting system. You can then insert the items into the costing.


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