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Our mission

Gidly, s.r.o. was established in 2016. We run an online catalogue of industrial dedusting components. The company was established with the merits of our experience in industrial dust extraction and air filtration in close cooperation with the company CIPRES FILTR BRNO s.r.o..  Our mission is to help designers and suppliers of bag filter dedusting systems by providing pricing and technical information on individual components of the systems.

What we offer

We have developed a catalogue of over 9000 items and variants of ducting components such as pipe ducts, branches, elbows and flaps. We have also catalogued over 1000 technological units and parts of the baghouse systems. Our components sold are mainly Group III and Group II ducting – thick-walled, welded pipes.  We also offer Group I ducting made for industrial applications.

The catalogue of dedusting components includes basic types of baghouse units, cyclone dust separators, fans and rotary feeders.

Our catalogue is used as a design foundation for industrial dedusting systems designers. We also greatly save time for designers in budgets and costings. We are also allowing simplifying the process of parts ordering for construction companies.

Warehouse of welded piping:

All those who carry out dust extraction systems with pipelines from the welded pipe will encounter the same dilemma when doing so. This is the amount of material uploaded to the building with the question of: Bring more material and making sure that piping can be done without unnecessary downtime by installers, or to find the material exactly according to the project and to believe that the project is so accurate and the material is sufficient for the rest? The problem of a welded pipe is that one knee is a minimum of one week of downtime on assembly. This knee must be ordered, twisted, welded and taken to the zinc. Then send it to the building. In all of this, of course, you are persuading the production to favour this “knee” in front of other orders. Welded pipes are not normally held in stock and are made to order.

We have decided to solve this dilemma in agreement with our business partners, by operating the 1. warehouse of welded piping in the Czech Republic. Now we are in the stage of finishing the storage space and we start with the material stacking. A stock of storage is created on our site where it is possible to order the missing material directly from the building using a PC, tablet or mobile. We will send the ordered material by return service and the next day you will have it on site.

This saves you not only the time of the actual realization but also the costs of any downtime of the assembly technicians.

The remaining material on the building, which has not been used for the realization, will be bought and redeemed from you!

We design.

Our designers help to solve various design objectives in the area of industrial baghouse technologies.  We design air conditioning systems, draft project documentation for industrial dedusting solutions and calculate costings. We use our catalogue items in all of our projects.

The benefit of our online catalogue is the possibility to download DWG, STEP a 3DPDF files for every item. The catalogue allows for the generation of costings in the xls format, price calculations of individual components with the possibility to generate a costing in Excel file format or to ask for a price offer directly.

Our customers include even dedusting systems users, which are easily ordering parts of ducting damaged by abrasion, corrosion or other damage – thanks to our catalogue.

We are trying to explain the rules and dependencies of the air dedusting technology in our GIDLY ACADEMY section. These tips have proven themselves in our experience with the design and construction of well-working extraction and air filtration systems.

Ing. Radek Veselý
owner and CEO

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