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>> we do not sell only product => we sell our thoughts, experiences and solutions <<

Our company offers customers the security in the form of the technical solution of dust extraction equipment, processing of project documentation, delivery of optimum technology, professionally managed implementation and service facilities.

Our competitive advantage:

We are not tied to one vendor. We can advise you independently and recommend specifically to your project. We cooperate with almost all known manufacturers of filtration technology. We understand dust filtering and enjoy it. We help you choose the right path between the cost of technology and the operational cost of service.

We design / offer / sell

  • “Turnkey” dust extraction and filtration systems with >recommendation< suitable filter units but according to >client preferences<.
  • Lamella, hose, cartridge filter devices – blue / green / otherwise colored
  • Pipeline distribution GRI / GRII / GRIII. Optimization and reconstruction of piping
  • Explosive dust extraction solutions with an emphasis on safety and ATEX compliance
  • Spark separators, fire extinguishing systems, explosion protection elements for existing suction applications

We design / optimize

  • Air Extraction and Filtration Technology >From Extraction Performance Determination to Passed Authorized Documentation<
  • We optimize already implemented “failed” solutions for exhausting

We implement

  • with the full support of partner ENERGOFLEX with our full confidence
  • turnkey deliveries of technological units
  • our implementation practice: from arrival announcement – through quality work – to workplace cleaning

Service of filtration technology

  • We provide a professional assessment of the filtration technology, diagnostics of the entire dedusting system, design of necessary repairs.
  • We provide service repairs, electrical inspections, explosion protection elements, air tanks, turnstiles fire shutters and flaps.
  • We use professional service system ASSYS  >>communication environment of client and for suppliers on-line<<
  • The ASSYS service system is implemented not only for our technology but for the entire production process and machine group.
  • We offer you the certainty that your technology will be well taken care of

Basic customer care programs in-service programs

  • in category “SERVICE STANDARD” we take care of the technology twice a year (every six months)
  • in category “SERVICE SILVER” we take care of the technology 6 times a year (every 2 months)
  • in category “SERVICE GOLD” we take care of technology 12 times a year (every month)
  • We implement measures for service options within 24 hours – the necessary parts in stock.

We operate

  • Warehouse of welded piping and mounting accessories for rapid response
  • Warehouse of replacement parts for the filtering devices for flexible responses.

We cooperate

  • With the best in the industry
  • With those who are reliable and communicative

We cooperate

  • 1st air-conditioning workshop – 4Q / 2019
  • meeting of experts in air conditioning, filtration, recuperation and related applications
  • industry friends meeting

 We are honoured to work for you


Ing. Radek Veselý
owner and CEO

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