FILTER UNIT FGI - CARM V-BF 10/1/2/12/H F06 with automatic reverse pulse jet regeneration, with auxiliary fan of flow rate Q=3900 m3/h, for local dust extraction

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Product group Bodové filtry
Application Horizontální
Filter type FGI – CARM V-BF 10/1/2/12/H F06
Catalog no. FGI_BF_006
Filter area 25 m2
Thermal tolerance of bags 150 °C
Bag basis weight 600 g/m2
Bag lifetime 10 000 provozních hodin
Residual dust behind the filter 1 – 3 mg/m3
Extraction flow rate capacity 3900 m3/h
Fan transport pressure 2500 Pa
Fan motor power consumtion 4
Container for solids výpad zpět do zdroje
Total electricity consumption 4 kW, 400V, 50 Hz
Compressed air consumtion 6 Nm3/h; 4 bar
Filter unit weight 1191 kg
Material design RAL dle volby

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Weight 1191 kg