Filter service

Service of fabric filtering equipment

Our company provides professional service of bag filtration equipment. We provide regular service inspections and set up a service plan for specific filtration facilities and operations.

We supply and exchange filter bags, flat cages, circular cages for all bag filters.

We focus our service activities only on fabric filtering equipment from various manufacturers.

Most common service activities:


  • Set up a service plan for filtering devices

  • Delivery and replacement of filter media for bag filters and hose filters

  • Full service filtering diagnostics

  • Optimizing Filtering Technology

  • Fan Rotor Balancing – Static / Dynamic

  • Replacement of Rotary Feeders, Bearing Replacement, Moldings, Anti-Abrasive Treatment of Inner Shell

  • Provide revision of electronics, air tanks, explosion protection elements

  • Issue of a service inspection protocol for the purpose of ČEŽP / SIŽP control.

Contact person:

Lubomir Kopecky

T: +420 720 673 996