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Bag filters for welding shop ambient ventilation

Prostorové odsávání ve svařovnách

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The Gidly Catalog includes bag filters directly designed to be used for spatial extraction of welding shops, ie extraction of welding smokes and aerosols. Our catalog includes 18 basic baghouse units for welding shops graded according to the required volumetric airflow.

Parameters for welding shop ambient ventilation

Ambient ventilation of welding shops is succesfully applied at plants where the welding smokes cannot be extracted near their source. Local extraction solutions, such as extractor hoods or arms cannot be used here. The common application of this technology are welding shops where manipulation with bridge cranes occurs and the usual local extraction methods cannot be used. The spatial extraction ensures capture of the welding smokes in the area under the plant´s ceiling – usually above the bridge crane track. The extraction is ensured by a central ducting with grids. These grids are distributed so that they maintain an air extraction effect right over the welding smoke source.  The central ducting is led into a bag filter device, which provides filtration of the air. The filtered air is then distributed back into the plant.  If the welding shop is not equipped with a sufficient clean air intake system, it is possible to join these two technologies together and run the filtered air into a heat exchanger air conditioning unit. Fresh air will then be exhausted into the plant through this unit and replace the spent air.

Filter unit specification for ambient ventilation usage

Baghouse units in the GIDLY catalog are fabric filter units equipped with automatic regeneration of bags by a reverse pulse jet technology. From our experience of welding shop extraction applications, the lifetime of the filter media lasts for more than 20,000 hours without the need of any manual refinement. The filter media are flat smooth fabric sleeves made of non-woven fabric with an antistatic coating and an area mass of 600 grams per square meter. The filter medium does not contain folds where the dust be sedimented and is very mechanically resistant to tearing or scraping. The amount of residual dust particles ranges is 0,25 mg/m3. We are often encountering users with negative experiences, complaining to the need of frequent and expensive replacements of folded filter elements. From this reason, our catalog includes a type of a bag filter technology that guarantees lifetime of the filter elements to at least 20 000 operating hours, without the need of any manual refinement or cleaning. We hold an opinion that the filter technology should serve the user, not the other way around.

Recommended ducting solution for welding shops

When extracting air from welding shops, we recommend to use spirally wound ducting of Group I for straight pipes, elbows and even branches of Group I folded and galvanized. The dust and smoke is not abrasive, so the ducting wont be subject to any wear.

Bag filters for ambient welding ventilation in the GIDLY catalog

To find a specific assembly of the baghouse and fan, please go to the catalog and price list page. Select Baghouse units. From the list select „Welding shops“. In the next step, select the required volumetric airflow of the bag filter unit. The result will be a set of items – baghouse unit+ fan +  silencer box, all of which form a dedusting system. You can then insert the items into the costing.


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