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Gidly, s.r.o. is a trading company running a design catalog and an online ordering system for industrial dedusting and air conditioning components. We actively cooperate with many engineering, implementation and manufacturing companies. The most important business partners of GIDLY are:



Company CIPRES FILTR BRNO s.r.o. manufactures, supplies and installs industrial dedusting and dust extraction technologies. The most widespread product is the CARM GH bag filtration system with automatic pulse-jet filter regeneration. Applications of industrial dedusting made by CIPRES FILTR BRNO s.r.o. work reliably with over 20,000 industry customers worldwide.



ENERGOFLEX s.r.o. is an engineering – supplier company focused on technological measurements, studies, engineering and implementation of projects in the waste energy utilization field. The aim of ENERGOFLEX’s projects is to find the summary of optimal saving measures based on the technology of industrial waste heat recuperation that would lead to reduce of energy consumption. The company also provides comprehensive engineering and design activities in the field of industrial dedusting.



Company GIOMETAL s.r.o. specializes in the production of mainly air-conditioning and dedusting components and suspended technology. It provides CNC works, firing, pressing, sheet metal production, welding and surface treatment of individual products in the production cycle. This also includes production documentation and technical preparation of production.

Schulte TZB, s.r.o.


Schulte TZB provides complex implementation of HVAC technologies, including the engineering preparation and warranty and non-warranty service. During its period of operation, it has become a long-term partner of HVAC specialists, general contractors, developers, end customers and users. The company’s goal is to provide efficient and economically advantageous projects with respect to the environment.

V-dusting s.r.o.


V-dusting is an implementation company operating in both the light and industrial air conditioning and dedusting. The V-dusting’s portfolio of activities and services includes design, supply and installation of ventilation, cooling and industrial air-conditioning systems. The company provides comprehensive filtering unit service, ensures replacement of filter cartridges, filter bags and regular inspection of filtering equipment and ducting.

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